76-year-old McPherson man stays 'young at heart' with Pokemon Go

Published: Aug. 2, 2017 at 6:56 PM CDT
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Since it's launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has been a hit among younger crowds. But there's no maximum age limit for the game and as Eyewitness News reporter Adriana Loya found, one atypical player in McPherson is young at heart.

We know Pokemon Go is popular with kids. But players like 76-year-old Gerry Bley, of McPherson, also enjoy getting in on the action.

"It helps keep my brain active and working good," Bley explains.

His wife says that's not the only reason he plays.

"He's very addicted to it," she says.

"I think she's right," Bley says with a laugh.

Between his daily responsibilities doing volunteer work, the retiree says he always makes time to play.

"I've seen all ages. I've seen from age 10 or 11, on up," Bley says.

Pokemon Go has 40 levels. Bley has advanced to Level 38. When he spoke with Eyewitness News Wednesday, he said he planned to be at Level 39 by the end of the night.

Once he reaches Level 40, he says he plans to retire the game.

"Hopefully I'll avoid dementia or something like that by playing Pokemon Go, ya know," he says.