Measuring surface temperatures on 100-plus degree day

Published: Jun. 16, 2016 at 10:28 PM CDT
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If your kids are going to be out braving the heat, you may want to tell them to be careful before they run to the playground because the equipment can get hot, fast.

From Bel Aire, Jacob Albracht had several common areas of a playground put to the test to see just how hot the surface temperatures can get when the outside temperature approaches or exceeds 100 degrees.

Using a surface temperature gun, Jacob testes surfaces on the playground while the outside temperature was 101 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat index was at 109.

Here are the temperatures Jacob recorded on the playground:

Swing set-- 128 degrees F Steps covered in plastic--129 degrees F Handle bars--110 degrees F

Away from the playground, Jacob found even hotter surface area temperatures. A deck that had been exposed in the sun all day had a surface area temperature of 164 degrees F. This surface area was hotter than the asphalt at 145 degrees F.

In the car, Jacob tested the surface area of the seat belt buckle, the steering wheel and leather seats. The temperatures registered well over 110 degrees F, but did not challenge the surface temperature of the sun-soaked deck.