Medicine Lodge man killed after home struck by lightning

MEDICINE LODGE, Kan. (KWCH) A man in his 50s is dead after lightning struck his home Saturday afternoon in Medicine Lodge.

Todd Jones, who lives near the man's house on Washington Avenue, says he didn't notice just how close the lightning strike was to his home until he went inside.

"It was a pretty loud boom," Jones said. "I went and grabbed my boots, got them on, and went other there. I told my girlfriend to call 911."

Jones didn't know the man was inside the home at the time it caught fire.

Neighbors say they are mourning the loss of the man who everyone loved and respected. Suzan McCarthy says she'll miss his smile and personality the most.

"You can just see everybody heart sank when they realized that he was still in there," McCarthy said.

She says she's known the man for a few years and he would always help her with yard work. Now that he's gone, she says she can't look at her backyard the same.

"I'm not opening the shades in my bedroom for awhile because I can see the house from there. You know rolling over first thing in the morning it's not what you want to look at," McCarthy said.

McCarthy says she's not sure why he died, but says this loss is going to take some time to heal

"It's not real easy, but I know we're pretty sure or we are hoping that he didn't suffer," McCarthy said.

She says there is a little bit of good news from this tragedy. The man's dog escaped before flames engulfed the house.