Meeting held to explain investigation into planned attack

Published: Oct. 15, 2016 at 5:19 PM CDT
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Dozens gathered near the location of the planned attack Saturday in a meeting organized by Garden City Police.

Officers assured the community the threat is over and they took the time to answer the Somali community's questions in their own language.

"For them to understand in their language is very important so that they get it word for word from myself as well as from the FBI and the Sheriff that was present," said Mike Utz, Garden City Police Chief.

Utz reiterated the community would not stand for such hate in their city.

"This was not a thwarted attack on individuals," Utz said. "This was an attack on Garden City, we are a community of one that work, play and are neighbors with each other."

The most important thing for the police department was to emphasize to the entire community they are no longer in danger and to reinforce they are there to keep them safe.

Ifrah Farah said the meeting helped her fears disappear.

"I didn't sleep very well, but today when I saw the police and heard the police, all the community coming here, I was feeling very, very happy," Farah said. "I will sleep very well tonight."

Utz said he hopes to continue his mission of creating strong ties with his community.

"We in law enforcement stand by with them to allow them to move on with their daily lives in a safe manner and that we will continue to work with any member of our community," Utz said.

Garden City Police wanted to emphasize that the attack was stopped because people were not afraid to speak up. They encourage anybody who sees suspicious activity to report it.