Miscommunication leads to dog's death inside animal control truck

HUTCHINSON, Kan. A dog in Hutchinson dies inside a sweltering animal control truck due to miscommunication from a 911 dispatcher.

Hutchinson Police Captain Troy Hoover says on May 27, a resident saw a dog running at large. The dog had a tether with a stake at the end of it and it appeared as though the dog had pulled up the stake and ran off.

The resident got the dog and drove to the animal shelter, about 3 a.m., early that morning, Hoover says.

"He discovered no one is there at 3 a.m., then called 911," the police captain says.

Hoover says the dispatcher mistakenly told the man to place the dog in the back compartment of an animal-control truck with the understanding someone would soon be available to take care of the dog.

The dispatcher never passed along the information that the dog was in the animal control truck, Hoover says and so the animal shelter did not know the dog was there.

Hoover says the truck sat dormant for a couple days until the dog was discovered. He says the dog's owner was found and notified and the dispatcher who guided the man toward putting the dog in the animal control truck no longer works for the city.