Mission accomplished: Viral video captures Goodland student reach personal milestone

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 9:27 PM CDT
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Although it's summer, a seventh-grade student in Goodland stands out for the hard work he's putting in at school, each day working toward a personal milestone.

Michael Mangum is missing part of his 16th chromosome. This comes with more time needed to learn or accomplish every-day tasks or mastering skills like jumping onto a 12-inch box.

Mangum is the center of attention in a viral video that captures him making the jump in front of friends and coaches.

The path to the shining moment began when Mangum's mother, Angela Mangum, reached out to Goodland's football coach, Chase Topliff, about getting her son involved with summer workouts.

"She said he was wanting to come and be part of something and get healthy," Topliff said. "When he got here, he had no experience in a weight room. That box jump on the plate (laid flat on the ground) was something that he was working hard at and we just kept working with him."

Mangum worked his way up to the 12-inch box jump, a feat made challenging with his disability.

"So he's like everybody else, but without part of that chromosome, it takes him longer to do stuff," Angela Mangum said. "he didn't start talking until he was about six."

Ahead of Mangum's triumphant jump in the video that's gone viral, Tiploff challenged the seventh grader.

"I told him, I said 'we're going to challenge you a little bit today," Tiploff said. "And so we put that in front of him. He wanted to show all of his teammates, so we got them around and that first try there on the video, he did it again."

Mangum said he's proud of his accomplishment and has more goals ahead of him.

"My goal is to try to get a six-pack. That's what my goal is," he said.