Missouri lawmaker looks to change 'swatting' law

MISSOURI, Kan. (KWCH) A Missouri state lawmaker wants people who place swatting calls to face prison time.

State Representative Bill Kidd, of Independence, recently filed legislation that would hold pranksters responsible if they make a call resulting in an emergency response.

A prank known as swatting has arisen in recent years in which a person calls law enforcement to report a hostage situation in a home.

The practice turned deadly for one Wichita man,Andrew Finch. He was killed when a call was made to WPD about a shooting and kidnapping.

"This is not a joke. People have died and we want to make sure everybody understands if you do this you are going to suffer consequences- so don't do it- stop it now," says Kidd.

The Missouri bill is in its early stages, so it has not come up for a vote.

Kidd says House leadership has not yet given his bill a committee assignment. He says he does have the support of Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr and Majority Floor Leader Mike Cierpiot.