"Moms Demand Action" connects with LGBTQ community

WICHITA, Kan. A Wichita organization focused on gun safety joined forces with the Pride festival this weekend.

"Moms Demand Action" formed years ago, but is just now connecting with the LGBTQ community.

At the annual Wichita Pride Festival, a newcomer was among the rows of returning tables. It was the first time "Moms Demand Action" has claimed a spot at the festival. That's because something happened this year that compelled Mary Caruso to come to the event to represent the group.

"It was just devastating," she says, reflecting on the July nightclub shooting in Orlando at a well-known spot for the gay and lesbian community.

"It's because of the violence that's been aimed toward minorities. And that's why we're joining with them to try to bring support," Caruso said of attending the Pride festival.

Caruso says she wants to be clear, "Moms Demand Action" is not against firearms.

"We support the Second Amendment, we support people's rights to have guns to defend themselves in their homes," she says.

The group's goal is to keep guns away from people who have the potential to commit violent crimes, an effort Caruso says, will hopefully prevent more mass shootings.