Mother of man shot, killed by Wichita police goes to city council

WICHITA, Kan. The mother of the man fatally shot by Wichita Police after a swatting call says she wants an independent investigation into the shooting.

"March 19 and we go bury his ashes. On the 25th, he would have been 29 years old," said Lisa Finch of her son, Andrew.

Tyler Bariss of Los Angeles was arrested for making the false 911 call that police responded to at the Finch home in south Wichita.

Police have said they thought Finch was reaching for something in his waistband when they shot him.

"KBI is one law enforcement investigating another law enforcement. It would not be fair. I want a complete, outside independent, DA and investigation," said Finch.

Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, says he trusts the process.

"Don't have any reason to doubt our district attorney will do a fair and full investigation, so I don't question the process at this point," said Longwell.

Meanwhile, Councilman Brandon Johnson says there could be benefits to outside investigations.

"Really for the most part I understand that concern, having an outside eyes is always good to see what is going on locally, It's something that activists have been saying for years when it comes to officer-involved shootings,” said Johnson.
The city has until Friday to respond to the lawsuit by the Finch family.