Mother of 'swatting' victim addresses city council

Published: Mar. 20, 2018 at 6:16 PM CDT
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For the first time, we hear from one of the people inside the home where Andrew Finch was killed.

Finch was shot to death in December by a Wichita police officer during a swatting incident.

“There was a lot of bad policing that happened that night,” said Ali Abdelhedi who lived at the house.

Finch's mother also spoke Tuesday at the Wichita City Council meeting.

This is the first time that Andrew Finch's mother, Lisa, is addressing city council at a meeting, and she began by asking them to pay attention to what she had to say.

"Please don't play with your phones and computers, this is what five of you were doing when five speakers on March 6th were talking,” said Finch.

Her son, Andrew, was shot by police in December when they went to her house based on a fake 9-1-1 call that said there was a hostage situation.

"Like Andy of course I heard the sounds outside and once I got to the hallway where Lisa was speaking of, he had already dropped and I could hear him sobbing, not being able to breath," said Abdelhedi.

Police have said the officer thought finch was reaching for a weapon in his waistband and raised his hand toward officers.

A California man, Tyler Barriss, was arrested for making the "swatting" call because of an online game, but the Finch family says they also want police to answer for the shooting.

"He was hit within seconds of coming to the door, they ripped my screen door off the hinges, bullet hole and all and took it for evidence, they withheld medical treatment and the ambulance for 30 minutes,” said Finch.

We spoke to Councilman Brandon Johnson about the people who come to city hall each week to speak about the shooting.

“Folks are looking for charges and the DA is the one who would give the charges or not and I've told Miss Finch and other activists that it's up to Marc Bennett to whether those charges happen or not and we're all kindof waiting on his timeline. I hope to see some results soon,” said Johnson.

"I hope it goes to jury trial, I'm hoping that it does, because I want the facts of that night to come out loud and clear," said Finch.

The district attorney's office is still investigating the shooting.

The family has filed a lawsuit, and the city responded to it about a week and a half ago.

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