Mulvane Co-op receives $1,200 Helping Hand

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MULVANE, Kan. On the edge of the Mulvane Co-op parking lot, tucked up on some grass backed to a chain linked fence, sits an old cooler that received a fresh coat of red paint and a new life.

It's called the Blessing Box.

Jeremy Nelson and others at the Mulvane Co-op have been talking for years about doing something to give back to the community. This was them putting their talk to action.

"It's more than just feeding people, it's also providing those needs that are expensive," said Nelson.

The coop bought the food the initial time, but has not put in any more food since.

"We've seen people come with lots of food and we've seen lots of food disappear," said Nelson.

Initially meant for non-parishable food items, the generosity has expanded to hygene products and even warm hats and gloves.

"They can come here anonymous, get something or leave something and that's our hope that people will use it and I don't have to know who's doing it," said Nelson.>

Because of the good they're doing, Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers reached out to them to lend them a Helping Hand - $1,200 to continue to make sure the Blessing Box stays filled.

Surprised by the gift Nelson struggled for words. "You're kidding? That's amazing. We aren't looking for that, we never expected that, but that is amazing."

Still a little shocked and amazed, Nelson met with Dustin DeVaughn and Richard James.

"Thanks for your great work, and with this check for $1,200 we want to help you provide a helping hand to others," said DeVaughn.

"Thank you so much," said Nelson. "This has been an unbelievable project and we're thankful to you choosing to support it, which is making a big difference in the mulvane community."