'A seat belt saves a life:' Mulvane woman urges seat belt use after crash

MULVANE, Kan. (KWCH) A Mulvane woman is urging seat belt use after a crash earlier this week.

Laurynn Jones experienced first hand the difference a seat belt can make between life and death.

"Seat belts were put into a car for a reason,"Jones said. "Had I not had my seat belt on, I wouldn't be standing here."

Jones says she was driving home from work when the crash happened. She says she was tired, but thought she could make the drive home. A couple minutes from home, she dozed off.

She crashed about a quarter of a mile away from where she fell asleep. A woman behind her saw her swerving and honked- waking her up.

Confused she stepped on the gas instead of the breaks.

"My feet were confused, I didn't know what was happening so I actually slammed on my accelerator," Jones said.

After hitting the ditch at full speed, she went airborne across the pavement, hitting a tree.

"I didn't hit the bottom of the tree, I hit this area. Parts of my car are in the middle of this tree, I was definitely airborne when i hit this tree," Jones said.

Upon impact, her car made a 180 degree turn and landed in the ditch. Neighbors heard the crash and called 911.

A paramedic told her the seat belt saved her life, but you can see the bruises it left behind. She hopes her story will show people the importance of buckling up and making sure you're alert to drive.

"If you ever feel tired and you don't think you can make it or you start dozing off it is definitely better to be late than to be in a car wreck or anything. So pull over, call someone, take a nap, set a minute timer on your phone anything can help," Jones said.

Jones' mom says she's forever grateful her daughter put her seat belt on that afternoon.

"Without that seat belt you would not be here and we're so thankful and it's just incredible to us that it saved her life."