Municipal election campaigns begin

WICHITA, Kan (KWCH) Candidates are beginning campaigns for the 2019 election, including municipal races such as mayoral, city council and school board.

These elections are non-partisan. That means candidates don't run as republican or democrat. Political science professor Neal Allen says the "D" or "R" on the ballot often helps guide voters in the polls. He says since these elections are non-partisan, it's up to voters to learn about the candidates ahead of election day.

Allen says because municipal elections are smaller than races for governor or president, you're less likely to come across false information online.

He says with tools like Facebook, voters can follow candidates' campaigns online.

"Candidate websites are often the best place to get information, or Facebook pages," says Allen. "Although frankly, for city council or school board or probably mayor of Wichita, just ask the candidates directly. They'll be more than happy to come out and talk to you, especially this far in advance to an election."

Allen encourages voters to decide which issues are important to them. He says voters should also learn how much power elected officials have on those topics.

"An informed voter around here is probably one who knows what district they live in, and knows who they're voting for and what race they're voting for. One of the problems for American elected politicians is people constantly asking them to do things they have no control over," Allen says.

You can check which district you live in here.