NASA seeks Planetary Protection Officer

NASA has a new job opening and it's causing a stir - worldwide.

The position is for a Planetary Protection Officer - and it pays quite well.

For $124,406 to $187,000, the planetary protection officer (PPO) is "responsible for the leadership of NASA's planetary protection capability, maintenance of planetary protection policies, and oversight of their implementation by NASAs space flight missions," according to the job listing.

The posting has gone viral after several media outlets, including The Business Insider and The Independent, reported that NASA was hiring someone to defend the earth from aliens.

Catharine Conely, NASA's outgoing PPO, even makes the job seem out of this world.

"I am responsible for ensuring that the United States complies with Article IX of The Outer Space Treaty," she said in a NASA interview.

"Article IX specifies that planetary exploration should be carried out in a manner so as to avoid contamination of the bodies we are exploring throughout the solar system, and also to avoid any adverse effects to Earth if materials are brought back from outer space," reports CBS News.

Do you have what it takes to be a world defender? If so, apply here.