Nanny catches porch pirate

A Washingon State woman took matters into her own hands when she saw someone stealing a package from a porch.

Kate Anderson is a nanny for the Smith family. She says on Tuesday they received an Amazon delivery.

Ten minutes later surveillance footage captures a car roll up and out the window, Kate sees a woman get out.

"I saw her bending and picking it up, and they get a lot of packages. And knew I was like, oh my gosh, she's taking that. and so I just took off after her to be honest."

The driver started to drive away before the thief got in. Kate quickly holds the suspect, restraining her when she tries to run again.

She was able to get her and restrain the woman until deputies arrived.

"It's pretty amazing what she did, I'm very proud of her, not surprised," says Tanya Smith, the homeowner.

The package was filled with stuff for the baby, who slept through the whole thing.