Native Kansan's Christmas album hits Top 15 on iTunes

A Christmas album makes us Kansas Proud.

Nick Stoppel grew up in Kansas, and he attended Butler Community College and UMKC. He was also a part of a Grammy-award winning chorale.

This year, his solo Christmas solo album charted on iTunes' Top 15 new Christmas albums on 2018.

Stoppel says the album was a very personal project. Most of the songs were recorded in Kansas City, Kan. He says his mom plays the piano for some of the songs, and his three-year-old nephew is featured in one of the tracks.

Stoppel is on tour with a group in Europe, but he says his Kansas roots have contributed to his success.

"I am very proud to be from Kansas. Wherever I go in the world I am very proud and even if people don't know where Kansas is, i can always fall back on the wizard of oz," he said.

Stoppel's album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. You can also watch his videoes on his Facebook page.