Need a flu shot? Here's how to get one

This week is National Flu Vaccine Week. A time set aside to encourage those who have not gotten the flu shot to get vaccinated.

Doctors say the number of people who get the shot decreases after November. That's because most people think it's too late. But, health experts say right now is the perfect time for Kansans.

Several other states are reporting high flu activity, while Kansas is still listed as "sporadic."

Because the virus is still sporadic, doctors say it's too soon to know how bad the flu season will be in Kansas.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, this season's reported cases are right about on track with where we were last year. But cases did start to spike in mid-December.

"The person takes about two weeks to develop immunity after getting the vaccine," said Via Christi Director of Infection Prevention, Dr. Maggie Hagan. "so, the idea is too get that dose and start building your immunity before the full epidemic hits."

Some ways you can avoid getting sick or passing the illness on to others - in addition to getting a flu shot - include washing your hands, covering your cough and use hand sanitizer when you can't wash your hands.

Need help finding a place to get a flu shot? Check out the CDC's Flu Shot Locator below.

CDC Flu Shot Locator & Information