Neighbor recalls previous 'swatting' incident in Wichita

Thursday night's "swatting" call wasn't the first time a prank like this targeted an address in Wichita.

A similar call was made at a west Wichita home in 2015, although, unlike Thursday, this call did not escalate to a deadly shooting.

Nineteen Wichita police officers came to West Third Street on Oct. 20, 2015. They were trying to warn people about a nearby threat after they received a frantic 911 call.

Eddie Stephenson remembers that night.

"It was late at night and we were pulling up on our street and we noticed that there were just cops like setting up behind the trees," Stephenson says. "And obviously, you're kind of curious what's going on because it's right next to the house that we live in."

The next day, Stephenson learned someone called in a swatting prank. It wasn't his first time hearing about how swatting works.

"And they just kind of like amp it up to where cops are going to be in full alert mode," he says. "It was just kind of crazy to think about, you know because you see streamers all the time on TV and it's not really a big deal. Then you see all of this happening and then it's like, that's kind of close to home."

Stephenson is part of the gaming community where of a lot of swatting starts.

"So they could be states away and calling it," he says. People will think it's some local, Wichita resident, like a neighbor or a concerned family member or friend calling in."

Stephenson now hopes people will stop with the prank that's become too serious and wastes officer resources.

"That could have been my door getting busted down just because... and I would never have a clue because you don't know about it," he says. "You're just doing your thing and the next thing you know, you have cops at your door. You've got guns drawn on you. Yeah, it's a pretty intense situation."