Neighborhood scam targets seniors

WICHITA, Kan. A Wichita man says his neighborhood is under attack by scammers who go door to door and prey on residents, mostly on the seniors.

These scams are getting more sophisticated and creative.

"They just look you in the eye and lie," Wichita resident Rich Parkhurst says.

What bothers Parkhurst the most is who these scammers prey on the most.

"We've been here 20 years," he says of living in his neighborhood. "(The neighbors) are like grandparents. I love these people. They are family."

These neighbors include Ruth and Jack Thompson.

"They come to your door and tell you they know someone in your neighborhood and they need money badly and they'll return it, but they don't," Ruth Thompson says.

Ruth and Jack fell for the the scam once and lost about $20. The attempts for more keep happening, they say.

"It makes you mad," Ruth says.

The scammers look up a neighborhood, likely online nad check property records. With that, they go door to door, armed with names of neighbors. They claim to know these neighbors.

"...I'm getting old. I am old. And they really take advantage of that," Ruth says.