Netflix subscribers receive scam email

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More than 100 million Netflix users received a fake email attempting to steal their information.

Subscribers report receiving emails to re-validate their subscription by clicking a link on the Netflix website, but it doesn't go to a Netflix-owned page.

The fraudulent site asks subscribers for their address, credit card details, driver's license, mother's maiden name, etc. Once the information is entered, a 'reactivation' screen then pops up.

The scammers will most likely use the provided information for some type of identity fraud.

Netlfix officials tell the Atlanta-Journal Constitution the company never asks for personal information, such as password, social security number or credit or debit card information via email.

If you entered any sensitive information it is best to check with your bank and credit card company to see if you receive any fraudulent charges. You should also put a fraud alert on your credit report through the three major credit reporting agencies.