New airline to begin service at Dodge City airport

DODGE CITY, Kan. Update Tuesday, Nov. 14:

It's official. Starting Jan. 1, 2018, Boutique Air will begin service out of Dodge City's Regional Airport, providing flights to Denver.

Monday, the City of Dodge City says people wishing to book a flight from Dodge City to Denver can do so now by going to
Boutique Air's website


Original story from Oct. 17

A new carrier could soon fly people from Dodge City to Denver.

The Dodge City Regional Airport has recently been without service after
PenAir decided to leave two months earlier than expected after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Dodge City Regional Airport Manager Corey Keller says the new airline promises more flights with cheaper prices. The possible airline replacing PenAir is Boutique Air , based in San Francisco.

Keller says one-way flight prices from Dodge City to Denver could start as a low as $59 with Boutique Air.

He says the airline would provide 15 round trips to the Mile High City Monday through Friday and three round trips on Saturday and Sunday.

Keller says the hope is to get approval for the new airline within the next 30 days.

Knowing there may be a new airline like Boutique in Dodge City, resident Fallon Bell says she'll have the option to fly out from home instead of driving to the airport in Garden City or Wichita.

"It'd be convenient because I wouldn't have to drive three-and-a-half hours to go pick up my family or drive up there and leave my car," she says. "I can leave it here at home, have someone drop me off at the airport, knowing it's going to be a bit safer."