New rules allow later hours ahead of NCAA Tournament

WICHITA, Kan. We are just over a month away from the Intrust Bank Arena hosting first round action of the NCAA Tournament.

Tuesday, the Wichita City Council approved action that allows community events to apply for later hours in the downtown area.
The new rules will let community events go past the preset time in downtown.

They city council it through as an emergency ordinance because of the NCAA tournament coming in March, but the rules will still apply once the tournament is over.

Organizers behind events will have to apply for the extended hours.
As it stands, entertainment must end at 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and midnight Friday, Saturday.

Now city council passed the emergency ordinance that will allow it to go later than that.

Councilman Brandon Johnson told us what he's hearing from people in his district, which covers much of downtown.

“We've heard a few concerns about street closures from several businesses, and outside of that I've heard a lot of excitement and I think after the tournament we'll be able to see how this works and maybe we'll some different things in Old Town, different hours, and of course this allows events to go later than is normally permitted,” said Johnson.

The boundaries of this ordinance are primarily in the downtown area, but city employees did say that the Delano district is also interested.