Business owner falls for scam posing as call from Westar

You need to be on alert if you get a call from this number: 800-383-1183. It is the number for Westar Energy, but that may not be who's on the other end of the phone when that number calls.

We've told you about the Westar scam before. But there's a new twist and one local business fell for it.

Jessica Olson has owned Skeletons Out of the Closet for three years. Recently, in the middle of a hard time for the business, her husband got a call from a number that showed it was Westar Energy.

"He started arguing with this guy over the phone about the bill. He said, 'no, I've paid it. I've paid it,'" Olson says. "We have three different meters, so it got complicated."

Olson and her husband feared they may have missed something in their electric bill. First, the caller told them if they didn't pay the $1,200 they owed, their electricity would be cut off.

"We just went into panic mode and weren't thinking,"

Olson says they were told to go to Dillons to get what she described as "money pack things," something she's never had to use before.

"We had no idea that once the money is gone, it's gone," she says.

But when the caller the said they needed $1,900, Olson realized something was fishy, and hung up.

The same Westar number called back and a man told her someone just tried to scam her for extra money. But the original amount was correct. That's when she read the prepaid card to who she thought was a higher-up with the company.

The money was gone. The second call was also a scam.

Westar put out a warning on social media about this scam, advising customers to just hang up on whoever calls from that number and to call it back to make sure you are actually talking to the company.

But it's too late for the $1,200 Olson lost.

"That was my rent money for next month. For June," she says.

You can help Olson's business regain money lost here .

Eyewitness News spoke with Westar on the phone to see what victims can do. The company says it will call ahead of a service shut off and will take payment over the phone. But they will not ask for prepaid cards.

The company says the safest move is to simply hang up on whoever calls, even if it might be them and to call the number back That ensures you will actually reach the company and not the scammer.