Newlyweds lose truck, wedding gifts to thieves

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:29 PM CST
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Samantha and Sheldon Connolly got married Saturday. A phone call they woke up to Sunday morning overshadowed the special moment in their lives.

With that call came news that someone stole their truck. Inside the truck was almost all of their wedding gifts.

"It's hard. I know we got some handmade gifts that are irreplaceable," Samantha says. "We knew people had made us gifts from hand. One of them was a blanket someone had been working on for months. They're one of a kind."

Someone stole their truck from the hotel where they family stayed after the wedding. The theft happened about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Police say they found the suspects, Skyler Bazil and Kira Miller, about 24 hours later. The suspects led police on a high-speed chase. The pair is also accused of stealing the truck's stereo system and several car parts.

In the chase, the truck was totaled. The newlyweds lost their truck and their wedding gifts were never found. They also had about $1,500 in cash in the truck's console.

"We were just starting to do so well, you know," Samantha says. "Life gives you roller coasters, but we were finally doing well and then all of a sudden, this hits you and it's like, 'really? We've been working so hard for what we've got.'"

The couple hopes their story serves as a reminder to take your valuables out of your vehicle.

"Don't leave your stuff in your truck or vehicle, no matter what," Sheldon says. "If you got a safe place to put it, put it there."

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