Shockers team up with Coaching for Literacy to raise awareness about literacy

Published: Jan. 19, 2018 at 9:19 AM CST
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According to a national assessment, 65 percent of fourth graders in Kansas aren't proficient in reading.

The Wichita State Men’s Basketball team and Coaching for Literacy are teaming up to raise awareness and combat illiteracy.

The organization invites fans to pledge a donation for each assist the Shockers record during a four-game stretch starting Jan. 25 and ending Feb. 6.

All donations will go to support literacy work in Wichita, Kan. through Fundamental Learning Center.

The non-profit teaches kids to read, write, and spell, and it works with parents to help their children succeed.

Sarah Collins says her son, Austin, has greatly benefited from the program.

"Austin started out in a public school with wonderful teachers, and he just was not progressing. He wasn't getting his letter sounds, he wasn't getting his words," she said.

Money raised with the help of Shocker fans will help the Fundamental Learning Center expand its program to serve more children who struggle to read.

"Because he's had the instruction that he got at the Fundamental Learning Center, he is a grade ahead in math. He's doing science. He's doing all of those things and isn't held back by the struggles he's had with reading," says Collins.

Find more information on you can and make a donation here: