Newton family reunited with cat after house fire

NEWTON, Kan. (KWCH) A Newton family lost everything inside their home, including their pets, in a house fire this week.

The Newton Fire Department responded to the fire on Thursday afternoon.

Delania Taylor, her husband, and her six children were gone at the time when her landlord's wife told her the house was on fire.

“We were renting to own this house, this is the first thing that was like oh this is going to be ours.. you know we were excited and everything we own I mean, things I’ve had.. my oldest will be twelve, gone in seconds,” Taylor said.

As the family walked around the property today, salvaging what's left of their home, they heard a faint meow.

The family then discovered their presumed dead cat, Gypsy, locked inside the shed, calling this reunion a miracle.

“All our pets are like kids to us. It’s a lot of happiness out of all the badness right now.”

Taylor says this is a start, but the family is in need of support and donations at this time.

Insurance confirmed their house is a total loss. The Taylor family has six children, and is accepting donations at Newton Medical Center.