Newton police warn the public about the dangers of 'simulated weapons'

Newton Police Department/Facebook

NEWTON, Kan. (KWCH) Can you tell the difference between a real rifle and a fake one?

It's the determination the Newton Police Department had to make on Thursday, according to its Facebook post.

Police said they were called to a disturbance involving a 13-year-old with a rifle. The child's mother called the police and said it was fake. Police say the matter was resolved without incident.

"Thankfully today's call was resolved without incident. However, can you imagine how bad things could have turned out if someone was brandishing this "toy" rifle when officers arrived?" Newton police said on their Facebook page.

The department also posted a video. The video shows the guns side-by-side for about three seconds and then asks if you know which one is real. The video says that's the amount some officers have to make life-altering decisions.

"We understand kids wanting to play soldier, (we all did when we were young as well), but the realism of today's airsoft guns is to the point they can easily be mistaken for actual firearms," police continued.

The department said simulated firearms should be handled, transported and stored safely. The department also encourages parents to talk to their children about safety practices.

"Have the conversation with your kids tonight. Working together we can prevent tragedies," concluded Newton police.