Newton senior's heartwarming "promposal" goes viral

Published: Mar. 19, 2017 at 5:41 PM CDT
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A Newton High School "promposal" is going viral on Twitter with nearly a half-million likes, after senior Shaedon Wedel asked his best friend's little sister to the prom with a unique surprise.

Carlie Wittman, 15, has Down Syndrome, but she's just like any other teen girl.

In video the Wittman family and Shaedon shared with Eyewitness News, you can hear Carlie saying, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"

She knows she's in for a surprise, but isn't quite sure what it is. As she walks out the front door, she jumps up and down as she sees her older brother's best friend - Shaedon - walking towards her.

He's wearing a shirt that says on the front, "I know I'm NACHO your typical Dorito but..." and the back reads, "I'm going to be CHEESY and ask: will you go to prom with me?"

In the video he asks Carlie, "Will you go to prom with me?" "Oh my gosh!" She replies. "Yeah? Is that a yes? Come here," Shaedon says, and gives her a big hug.

That moment, shared through a few photos on Twitter, captured hearts.

As of Sunday evening, the Tweet was liked nearly a half-million times, and re-Tweeted more than 100,000 times.

"It was really neat to see all the positivity coming out of it," Shaedon said.

In his promposal, he also came with presents - a rose, and Doritos. "Ever since I've known her, she's loved Doritos," he said.

" I didn't do it for the publicity and stuff, I did it to make her happy. She deserves a lot," Shaedon said.

As we watch the video together, Carlie relives the moments, clapping and giggling as the surprise is revealed.

Yes, Carlie has Down Syndrome, and she's also your typical teen girl -

who's now a very excited freshman, going to the senior prom.

"They deserve everything that everyone else does too," Shaedon said.

Shaedon and Carlie's family say something they would like to get across is how she's touched their lives.

"Knowing her for seven years now, she's brought nothing but joy to my life. Anyone who's ever around her, she makes them laugh, she always has a smile on her face. She's amazing," Shaedon said.

"I love you," Carlie says.

"I love you too," Shaedon replied.

The Newton High School prom will be on April 22nd.