'No One Eats Alone:' Inclusive program continues at West High School

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 4:18 PM CST
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Students at Wichita West High School continue their tradition with an inclusive program called "No One Eats Alone."

Every year, the students from the high school visit local elementary schools to each lunch and talk with the younger students. Like the playground, the lunchroom is a larger space where students, especially younger children, can feel isolated.

The goal with the "No one eats alone" program is for the older, high school students to encourage younger students, giving them a positive lunchtime experience.

West High School senior Ky'-aila Adams says the program is a great way to show younger students that people care about them and they're not alone.

"To see their faces, they might not have anyone here. They see us and they might look up to us and be happy to have someone eat with them," Adams says.

With the program, the high-school students this week ate lunch with younger students at six Wichita schools: Dodge, Gardiner, Harry Street, Stanley, Washington and Lawrence elementary schools.

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