OKC school board votes to rename three elementary schools

OKLAHOMA CITY (KWCH) The Oklahoma City public school board voted on Monday to rename three elementary schools named after Confederate generals.

A decision made by an animous vote at a school board meeting has Jackson, Lee and Stand Watie elementary schools being renamed in the coming months.

"Overwhelmingly the people I've talked to have said let's move forward, let's get this behind us and move down the road and focus on kids and pick a name that better exemplifies our community," says OKCPS Board Member Mark Mann.

Not everyone is on board with the decision. Larry Logan with the sons of Confederate veterans spoke in front of the board. He was disheartened to see the names possible change.

"It's not going to diminish those three men. They're wonderful men. It's not going to diminish who I am. I'm a proud descendant of a Confederate soldier and this isn't going to change that," says Larry Logan.

Those who supported the effort say they want to see the area schools named after leaders they don't believe represent hate.

Students from the school district are showing relief in the decision.

"It might make you scared of things right now cause I already know a lot of people are scared of society and stuff today, so why be scared of the one place where you should be able to be safe, the one place you should be able to learn," says Darian Featherstone.

The board looked at costs to change the signage on the schools.

Estimates altogether are a little more than 40 thousand dollars.

Several board members agree the cost would likely have to fall to private donors.

"Then we'll proceed with the process that will hopefully involve parents, students, staff, community members around those schools and Oklahoma City at large to determine what those new name would be," says Mann.

The renaming process is expected to take at least a year to complete.