Ohio court justice apologizes for Facebook post about sex

CLEVELAND (AP) The Latest on Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill's Facebook posts. (all times local):

UPDATE Saturday 6:15 p.m.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate William O'Neill says he apologizes if his Facebook post discussing his sexual history with women has offended anyone, particularly "the wonderful women in my life."

O'Neill's latest post on Saturday afternoon comes a day after he deleted the original post. He tells The Associated Press he removed it after a commenter on his Facebook page criticized him for being insensitive for including details that could identify some of the women.

The Facebook post contained candid details of his sexual past with "approximately 50" women.

He initially edited the post Friday to remove details about the women before deleting it altogether. He tells people to "lighten up" in a new post.

The initial post caused a furor, leading to condemnation by members of both parties and the court's chief justice.

Social media commenters say he was trivializing sexual assault.


UPDATE Friday 1:15 p.m.

A state Supreme Court justice running for Ohio governor has volunteered candid details of his sexual past on Facebook, saying he was trying to de-legitimize the national "media frenzy" over politicians' sexual indiscretions.

Democrat William O'Neill posted Friday that he has been "sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females." He says the women included "a gorgeous blonde" with whom he "made passionate love" in a hay loft and a "drop dead gorgeous red head" from Cleveland.

O'Neill told The Associated Press that the post grew out of frustration over Democrats' calls to remove Al Franken from the U.S. Senate over sexual misconduct allegations.

After posting the message Friday, he edited it to remove some identifying information about the women.

O'Neill said the misconduct story has gone too far.

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