Oklahoma earthquake felt in Kansas

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MEDFORD, Okla. (KWCH) The U.S Geological Survey has downgraded an earthquake that hit Oklahoma shortly before midnight.

The USGS now says the quake that hit just south of the Kansas border was a magnitude 3.9.

The earthquake hit 11 miles northwest of Medford, Okla. It could be felt in Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Texas.

Four earthquakes have hit near Medford since. They range in magnitude from 3.1 to 2.5.
A 4.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in Kansas late Monday night.

The US Geological Survey reports the quake hit just before Midnight with an epicenter near Medford, Oklahoma.

That's about 85 miles from Wichita.

There's no reports of any injuries or damage from the earthquake.