Oldest of Peterson Farm Bros. narrowly avoids head-on crash with semi hauling cattle

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 10:03 PM CST
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A central-Kansas farmer, known by many for singing agricultural-themed popular music parodies and creating comical music videos on his family's farm, is doing okay after narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with a semi hauling cattle.

The situation, described as "a near-death experience" happened Wednesday on K-4 Highway in Saline County. Twenty-eight-year-old Greg Peterson, oldest of the well known

was hauling grain when he says the cattle truck's driver drifted into his lane. Peterson only had two options: crash head-on, or swerve into a ditch.

Peterson says he was hauling his second-to-last load of grain to the elevator when he came over a hill and saw the cattle truck in his lane.

"It was one or two seconds I had to decide whether or not I was going to bail," Peterson says.

He bailed to avoid what could have been a deadly crash.

"I wanted to go home to my wife and I wanted to be in my brother's wedding this Saturday, so I knew it didn't matter if I dumped the grain and crashed. I wanted to save my life," he says.

Peterson's truck tipped over, but he was able to walk away. He says the driver of the semi hauling cattle didn't stop. Other witnesses have a description of that truck, but there's not much in the way of evidence into what happened.

Peterson says he's just glad both he and the semi's driver weren't involved in the head-on crash.

"If timing or circumstances would have been different, that could have been a teen driver and school bus full of kids," he says.

Peterson says the truck is almost a total loss, but most of the spilled grain was salvageable. He says he forgives the driver that caused him to crash and didn't stop at the scene, whether or not that driver ever comes forward.

He wants others to be aware and alert on the road so they can be prepared to make a split-second, life-saving decision if they have to.

"Every day for each one of us, it could be our last day," Peterson says. "Just because I had a near death experience, that could have been anyone and so don't take any day for granted and be thankful for every day God gives you."

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