Organizers recap precautions after MAYB tournament brings about 400 teams to Wichita

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 6:16 PM CDT
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A weekend Mid America Youth basketball tournament in Wichita over the weekend

Monday, with courts cleared and champions crowned, Eyewitness News spoke with MAYB President Greg Raleigh to recap the organization's Summer Kickoff tournament in Wichita.

Raleigh said he thinks the tournament went well and looks ahead to another tournament starting Friday at the Wichita Sports Forum. The venue's owner said they use an electrostatic disinfectant spray after each big event, to make sure the facility is safe to host the next one.

Raleigh said precautions like that will continue to be used at MAYB events. While there were concerns about the Summer Kickoff continuing as scheduled while the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat with cases recently on the rise, Raleigh said he and his staff took precautions to put on a safe tournament. However, he said he understands that some may not want to attend tournaments right now due to the pandemic and doesn't want anyone at an MAYB tournament to feel uncomfortable.

"If you don't, and don't feel safe for whatever reason, don't come," he said. "We totally appreciate both sides of the issue and we're trying to do the best we can to get life back to normal."

He said while there were close to 400 teams and about 4,000 players in Wichita over the weekend, the tournament was spread out at a dozen local gyms, allowing for gathering sizes to be limited and for groups to be spread out. At each site, Raleigh said precautions were taken.

"Bleachers being removed, I have really liked that. I think it helps for spreading things out. That will be continued," Raleigh said. "The forum's got three people walking around. They're wiping down the railings, trash cans, bathrooms, everything. So, you know, I think in that respect, we've don that really well."

Ahead of the MAYB Summer Kickoff Friday, Sedgwick County Health officials

asking organizers of large-scale events to contact them for recommendations on putting on the event as safely as possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Mark Mosley with Wesley Medical Center said we may see a ripple effect from events like the MAYB Summer Kickoff tournament.

"The first ripple will be the relatively young, healthy people that are fairly mild, so that it will look not that bad," Dr. Mosley said. "Unfortunately, a month down the line, we have the potential of parents and grandparents and others getting deathly ill from this kind of event."

But Raleigh said he has been in touch with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and is talking to Sedgwick County health officials.

He said tournaments will continue to go on, as well precautions to help keep people safe.

"At this point, spread has not occurred in five weeks of running tournaments, at our tournaments," Raleigh said. "It hasn't been traced to that."