Orman discusses entry into KS governor's race

A well known name, already near the top when it comes to campaign money, enters the race for Kansas governor.

Independent Greg Orman nearly had the votes to unseat long-time Republican Senator Pat Roberts in 2014.

Now his focus is on statehouse in Topeka.

The first question to ask Independent candidate Greg Orman, is why does he want to be governor?

"I'm concerned that what happens over the next five years is really going to define the path we're on for the next few decades, and like many Kansans I want my daughters to feel like they can build their lives here," he says.

A businessman, Orman is focused on an economic plan that plays on Kansas strengths including manufacturing, transportation and location.

"And if you think about the state of Kansas we're at the geographic center of the United States at a time when our economy is quickly moving from a brick and mortar economy to a distributed economy. We should be the distribution capital of America," he says.

The former senate candidate will have to gain votes from either party, especially Republicans, to win.

“If you look at what we did in 2014 where 43 percent of Kansans supported me, many of them Republicans, we're going to have to build on that, I think our pro-growth economic policies, I think the fact that I'm a successful entrepreneur, a common sense businessperson," Orman says.

Since his bid for senate, Orman and his wife had two daughters, and he wrote a book talking about the two-party system.

"People don't tend to be able to vote for candidates they really like, they tend to vote against candidates they really dislike, and I think that's why so many people are looking for alternatives," he says.

It's still early in fundraising season, but here’s a look at the candidates who have raised more than $10,000 as of December 31, 2017.

R -- Wink Hartman: $1,830,661.90
R -- Ken Selzer: $713,462.00
R – Jeff Colyer: $632,067.67
R – Mark Hutton: $581,636.00
R – Jim Barnett: $564,645.00
I – Orman: $452,931.07
R – Kris Kobach $354,732.00
R – Ed O’Malley $218,362.82
D – Joshua Svaty: $192,545.01
D – Laura Kelly: $155,691.18
D – Jim Ward: $90,534.51
D – Carl Brewer: $45,470.52
D – Arden Andersen: $38,464.00