Parents pushing for more recess for children

FORTH WORTH, Texas Parents are pushing for change and it may be happening.

A group of Wichita parents is fighting for more recess and the school board is listening. The group says more time on the playground would mean better performance in the classroom.

The theory was put to the the test at Eagle Mountain Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas. The school is part of an experiment for a look at what would happen if you triple the amount of time kids spend at recess.

TCU professor Dr. Debbie Rhea is leading the research. The results show more retention and happier kids who are less stressed and more focused.

Teachers who at first were reluctant say the results in the classroom are remarkable.

Wichita mom Amanda Watson also visited Eagle Mountain Elementary. She is among the group hopeful the program for more recess at the Fort Worth School, can be implemented with a similar degree of success in Wichita.