Parking still a concern for baseball stadium in downtown Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Parking still remains a concern for some Wichitans the closer it gets to building a new baseball stadium in downtown.

Just prior to Tuesday's city council meeting and a vote to approve the first phase of work on the new minor league ballpark, Michael Conine made his concerns over parking known.

"I have a four-year-old daughter, and I would love to give her the experience of going to games, but I will not walk half a mile with my little girl and I am not the only one," Conine declared tearfully.

He says the city claims there are 6,000 parking spots within a short walk from the new stadium. But, he says he spent two days counting every one of them, and he says the numbers don't add up.

"The parking spots aren't there. They're not within the half-mile of downtown. The only way you can hit anywhere close to the 6,000 they're claiming is if you add the west side and then you only come up to about 5,100," said Conine.

Mayor Jeff Longwell says don't worry, there will be plenty of parking.

"There will be more parking on the footprint at the stadium. So, I hope that message gets sent loud and clear, thank you," said the mayor.

He says worries over parking at the new stadium are unfounded...and people shouldn't worry yet.

"We don't have the overall footprint of the development that's going to be incorporated there set yet, but we'll work through those and have more parking at the stadium," said Longwell.

Work will begin on the framework of the park Wednesday afternoon.

A groundbreaking open to the public is scheduled for April.