Part of north central Kansas buried under foot of snow

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 3:25 PM CST
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A winter storm slams north central Kansas Tuesday, dropping at least one foot of snow in part of Lincoln County, including the Sylvan Grove area.


and other issues, but for those able to stay home and enjoy the day, conditions were ideal for construction of large snow men and scenic photos, which several viewers submitted, especially from Lincoln County.

Among children excited for a snow day were brothers Joe and Jake Kratky. They were surprised to wake up to about one foot of snow on the ground.

Their father, Ben Kratky, a farmer and rancher,says the snow greatly affects his work.

"These big snows like this, they're just a pain," he says. "They really are. It makes a lot of work. You've got to have somebody out scooping bunks and clearing paths to get feed trucks up and down the bunk lines, and then the cows out on grass, you almost have to blade the snow off to the side to unroll hay out for them."

Kratky says one of his newborn calves got too cold and needed to be brought inside the house. Joe and Jake helped warm up the calf inside and enjoyed snowball fights outside on their day off from school.

Storm Team 12 anticipates snow to taper off into flurries overnight.

Wednesday will be dry across Kansas with windy and cold temperatures featuring afternoon highs in the upper 30s. Warmer weather returns by end end of the work week, setting up for a pleasant weekend across the state.