Partial building collapse closes part of Mulvane's Main Street

MULVANE, Kan. Part of Mulvane's Main Street could be closed off for the foreseeable future until the city determines what to do next after part of the front of a building collapsed onto the sidewalk.

City of Mulvane

Last week, the city learned the front of the building at 209 West Main Street was bulging out. Crews put barricades around the sidewalk and street to keep people safe. Sunday afternoon, part of the building came down.

Megan Bryant, who runs her dance studio out of the building, says she was shocked to see how much the building deteriorated structurally.

"The city stepped in and bought all these buildings so that people could come and buy them and get them back to what they should be," Bryant says of development efforts on Main Street. "Unfortunately for my building, it just wasn't enough in time."

Bryant, who has a dance camp happening, says the city and Mulvane school district are helping her by providing space for the camp to continue until she can find another building.

Following the partial collapse, Mulvane's city manager contacted a company Sunday evening to board up the building to keep rain out.

"They pushed out the east window because it was about ready to go," the city says.

The city says engineers must determine what happens next with the building.

Regardless of what happens with the Main Street building, Bryant says her growing studio hopes to find a new, permanent home in town.

"We're growing a lot, so we're looking for a place to expand and hopefully build for the future and have a permanent home," she says.