Partnership allows Dodge City HS students to get early start in medical field

DODGE CITY, Kan. Dodge City High School is offering students the opportunity to get an early start in the medical field.

A partnership with Dodge City Community College and Dodge City High School allows the high-school students to become certified nurse assistants.

Destiny Harris is only a sophomore at Dodge City High School, but she's already enrolled to the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program for the fall semester. She's one of many students taking advantage of the opportunity for a career head start while saving money.

"With this class, I feel like I won't have to pay as much money for the classes, and so it kind of helps me out a little bit," Harris says.

When the program starts in the fall, two classrooms at Dodge City High School will be set up as labs and equipped with clinical equipment.

"There's a great demand for certified nurses' aides in our work area and so the demand in the work field has really prompted students to seek classes so they could become certified," says Dodge City High School Associate Principal Mike Martinez.

Dodge City Community College will provide equipment and instructors to come to the high school and teach the courses for the CNA program.

Students receive credit from the college and from the high school. They then take a test at the end of the course to become certified. This allows them to get their certificate and immediately go into the workforce.

So far, Dodge City High School says 47 students are signed up to enroll in the program.