Personal protection expert weighs in on gun owners' rights

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, Eyewitness News personal protection expert Joe Schillaci weighs in on what a gun owner can do when confronted by an intruder in their home.

If someone walks through your door uninvited, Kansas law says gun owners can use their gun for self-defense. But Schillaci says there are some limits.

Police say Christian Webb broke into the home of an off-duty police officer early Tuesday morning armed with a handgun.

They say he shot the officer in the leg. The offer then shot back hitting Webb multiple times.

"He's got a wife. he's got kids. He just inherited the worst circumstances I can think of in life, so there are no thresholds. you protect your family," says Schillaci.

So, what if this happens to you?

Kansas abides by The Castle Doctrine which states gun owners have legal protection to use their gun for self-defense in the case of a home invasion. But defining the need to protect yourself, isn't always clear.

Schillaci says homeowners need to be able to explain why they felt threatened by an intruder.

"If somebody comes into your home, and they confront you, then suddenly they're turning and running out the door, you're going to have a difficult time explaining why you chased the person out the door and beat them to death," he said.

He says homeowners have an absolute right to protect their family and home if an intruder is confronting them inside the home. Even if the person doesn't have a weapon.

"Now, all of a sudden an intruder walks through your door, you have to be able to articulate why you shot and killed that person or why you used deadly force with whatever weapon you choose or not just kill, just seriously injure that individual," he said.