Plans shape the future of Delano District

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The Delano Neighborhood is one of the oldest in Wichita, but there is a lot of new activity in the district.

People are trying to guide the neighborhood's growth, and some priorities are different for those who live there.

The project leader behind the masterplan says one of the first things that would be done would be turning the old railroad corridor just north of Douglas into a multi-use walking path.

Hatman Jack's has called the Delano District home for more than three decades.

Owner Jack Kellogg says merchants in the area helped craft the original plan.

"To really develop what Delano has become, which is really a bit of a destination statewide,” said Kellogg.

The list of short-term goals include a new ballpark, walking path, and extending the district.

But what residents find most important seems to differ.

“The Lawrence Dumont Baseball Stadium replacement and number 2 is the West Douglas Streetscape,” said Delano United President, Kendice Talty.

Past president of Delano United, Jim Martinson said, “My first priority has always been to get that railway corridor cleaned up and turned into a multi-use path.”

Mid-term plans include improving housing conditions.

Long-term goals include a river plaza and a new pedestrian bridge.

Long-time residents have some other requests.

“If we could get a grocery store back in this neighborhood that would be the biggest thing especially with the amount of apartments they're doing downtown,” said David Greeley, who has lived in Delano for 15 years.

Delano is growing with the new library and apartments along the river.

Those who have been in Delano for decades, want the area to retain its atmosphere.

"Some of these improvements look to be a great improvement, but I also want to see the parking arrangement somewhat maintained, you destroy that balance and things could be tough," said Kellogg.

Last week the Sedgwick County Commissioners approved the plan. It goes before the Wichita City Council on Tuesday.