Police documents reveal how toddler was electrocuted at carnival

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WICHITA, Kan. Police documents finally reveal what led-up to the death of 15-month-old Pressley Bartonek.

Documents KWCH obtained from the Wichita Police Department through a "Kansas Open Records Act" request show the base of an industrial light was sitting in water. The pole of that light, was touching the fence that Pressley grabbed.

Investigators say she died of her injuries after being electrocuted at the Evans United Carnival running at the Towne West parking lot in May.

The documents also show Pressley wasn't the only person shocked on May 12th.

A Wichita police department supervisor investigating the scene was also shocked when touched either the fence, or another piece of equipment in the area where the toddler was electrocuted.

The documents describe in detail how police believe the area became charged. A report says police found an industrial light used to light up the bounce house, was connected to a power box. Both, items were not insulated.

The power box was plugged into an extension cord.

Police say the toddler was standing right in front of the light, and say the base of the light was sitting in water.

The pole of the light was touching the fence around the bounce house.

When Pressley touched the fence, she was electrocuted. An police diagram included in the documents also shows where the incident happened.

Wichita police on scene called a Westar technician to help with the investigation. The technician found about 290 volts of electricity, running through the fence and said to an investigator on scene, "I would not want to touch any of these items without protection."

The investigation report says a lieutenant on scene, "grabbed the rail that Pressley was holding onto and it shocked him with electricity."

Another report says the lieutenant was shocked when he touched the power box.

He was not badly hurt.

A doctor found exit burn marks, on Pressley's left foot. The doctor also notified police that emergency responders found a slight pulse "about an hour of Pressley having no oxygen to the brain."

An autopsy ruled the 15-month-old died from electrocution and that what happened, was an accident.

Wichita police have the light and power box in evidence storage and say the case is closed, and there is no criminal investigation.

We have reached out to Evans United Carnivals dozens of times and even sent a reporter to their Missouri headquarters. The company has refused to respond.