Stafford police use first K-9 pit bull in Kansas

Photo courtesy Hutchinson News

STAFFORD, Kan. (KWCH) Stafford Police Department is using the first K-9 pit bull in Kansas, according to The Hutchinson News.

The newspaper said the red nose pit bull, Kano, helped in his first drug bust on Monday when he found more than $7,500 worth of marijuana.

Police said the one-year-old dog, saved from an animal shelter, looks menacing but is not a biter.

"If they were this vicious great bite dog, wouldn't the police want them on the force?" Operations Director Brad Croft told The Hutchinson News. "They are no good at it. They are no good at taking people down. But I will tell you what they are damn good at, (drug) detection."

Croft told the paper Kano came from a nonprofit organization that trains dogs, called Universal K-9. Croft said the organization looks for pit bulls between 12 to 32 months old.

The Animal Foundation partnered with Universal K-9 to cover the cost of the handler course. That two-week course costs $2,900 for drug detection or $5,900 for drug detection and tracking.