Leachville police take down fentanyl post, apologize for confusion

Published: Nov. 9, 2017 at 11:09 AM CST
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Update - 12:20 p.m.

An Arkansas police department has taken down a Facebook post that warns about the possibility of fentanyl residue being on shopping carts.

Leachville police posted the warning Thursday morning, stating that the fentanyl residue left on a shopping cart could get on a person's hands, eventually into their system and even turn deadly.

Police now say the post was not meant to cause confusion and was shared from another officer at another department.

"I simply shared it. I’m should have checked into it further before I posted it," reads a new post.

Once we posted the article, several of our viewers began to weigh-in on the validity of something happening just by using a shopping cart.

According on to an article on

, "the likelihood of such a scenario is scientifically dubious and we can find no evidence that law enforcement agencies have ever issued such a warning."

Tonight at 5 and 6, Anna Auld talks to a local toxicologist who says while he hasn't heard about anyone being exposed to fentanyl by using shopping carts, exposure to the drug, even during a short period of time, can be dangerous.


Leachville police want to warn you about the dangers of what may lay on your shopping cart handle.

The department recommends wiping down your cart for not only germs but also harmful substances.

"The police chief suggests you do it also because of all the problems with drugs nowadays and if they have Fentanyl or something like that still on their hands and they touch that cart handle and then you do, it can get into your system," says Leachville police.

Officers say all you'd have to do is rub your nose or touch your child's mouth. Children exposed to just the powder or residue is a bad situation that can turn deadly.

The department shared on their Facebook the warning and urged others to share their post.