Political expert weighs in on possibility of Pompeo as Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo has served as Director of the CIA for less than a year. Before his current position, he called Kansas home and served as the U.S Representative for Kansas's 4th Congressional District.

Political Expert Dr. Russell Arben Fox says this could be big.

"The person who runs the state department is running one of the most complicated and important positions of the U.S government."

In a matter of weeks, he could become the Secretary of State.

"Secretary of State puts you that much closer to the seat of power. He will be sitting in the President's cabinet and be part of very sensitive discussions and central to developing America's policies around the world."

Reports show Pompeo would replace Rex Tillerson, who will step down. Wichita's mayor says - if the reports are true - he's happy for Pompeo.

"We are always encouraged by talented Wichitans that continue to sometimes exceed others expectations," said Jeff Longwell.

Congressman Roger Marshall says he thinks Tillerson is doing a good, but supports Pompeo, too.

"I think Mike's resume, and total resume, puts him in a perfect position to do a great job wherever the president assigns him," said Marshall.

Dr. Arben Fox says Pompeo could be stepping into a messy situation and if things go wrong, he will catch the blame.

"Whether you like Pompeo, or dislike him, there's good reason to do both, but in my experience, no one has ever said he didn't take his job seriously."