Porch pirates still at it after the holidays


The holidays are over, but that's not stopping thieves from taking packages off porches.

"I thought I was a lucky one that didn't have to deal with that, and then when I least expect it, it happens, " said Jennifer Thornberry.

Thornberry learned the hard way after getting her packages stolen from her porch weeks after Christmas. That's when she caught a woman on her doorbell camera taking a box along with two movie posters.

At first, Tornberry thought the box was full of her son's contacts, but later realized it was a gift from a friend. She says the thief took a big risk getting caught- her son left the house moments before they swooped in. She says the packages were stolen less than 20 minutes after they were dropped off. She then posted the video to Facebook.

Now, some are saying this woman looks exactly like a woman stealing packages several weeks ago in a different Wichita neighborhood.

Thornberry says it's the cost of the items that's frustrating. She says she's thankful she invested in cameras.

"I wish they would stop because they don't know what they are going to get, they could get something that someone really needs," said Thornberry.