Postal carrier says food drive touches her customers

Published: May. 14, 2016 at 1:25 PM CDT
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The Postal Service held its annual food drive Saturday across Wichita and one postal carrier said she knows how important the drive is because she sees where it goes.

Cathy Lamb has been a postal carrier since the beginning of the annual food drive 24 years ago.

"My very first day of delivering mail was the first day of the food drive," she said and she hasn't stopped since.

Lamb was not easy to keep up with. She delivers letters, drops off packages and speeds away before you even realize she was there. She said speed is part of the job.

"We're always in a hurry," she said. "Hurry safely is what they tell us."

Saturday she had an extra job on top of everything she does on a daily basis. She had to pick up donated food left near mailboxes in blue bags. It's part of the postal service's annual food drive that's raised 1.4 billion pounds of food so far.

At first, things weren't going very well for Lamb's route.

"I mean usually there's a lot more," she said after her first neighborhood. There were many mailboxes ready to receive, but not as many ready to give. "The poorer neighborhoods give the most food, you know, because they've been there. They've done it. You know, they know how much is needed."

But as the day continued, Lamb started seeing more blue bags and having more hope. She said the drive matters to her because she sees where the food goes

"It's nice to give back to our community. I mean the letter carriers are out there every day on every doorstep and we know. We see our customers struggling so we thought this would be a good way to give back to our customers and our community," Lamb said.

With each passing home that had a blue bag full of donated food, Lamb's smile got bigger. She said she was anxious to go back at the end of the day and watch the semi trucks full of donated food leave the facility to deliver to local food banks.

"Well it makes you feel really good at the end of the day, at the end of a tired day. It feels really good," she said.