Postal service reminds Wichitans how to be responsible dog owners

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Every Wichita household will soon receive a flyer in the mail regarding dog bites and the U.S. Postal Service.

With summer just around the corner, the postmaster is sending out the flyer to encourage responsible pet ownership to ensure daily mail delivery.

Craig De Laschmit is a postal carrier. He said dogs have bitten and attacked him in separate incidents.

"The bite was just that a bite, the dog saying, 'Hey, I'm here. What do you think you're doing?'" Recalled De Laschmit. "The second one was an attack going, 'I'm protecting', and I ended up with 26 stitches. It was a terrible ordeal of being attacked by a dog. It was a pit bull."

De Laschmit said the third incident was also an attack, but the owner was there and immediately got control of the dog.

He said ultimately, it's up to dog owners to make sure their animal is properly secured.

"We hit each house at roughly the same time each day, and you should be aware of that. And keep your dog inside during that time period until the mailman has left," he said.