Tips to heat your home for cold weather

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) We've been talking about the colder temperatures all week and now most of Kansas is under a freeze warning.

While many of you will probably turn on the heat for the first time others may look for alternate ways to heat your home.

It's important to be aware of your safety when using fireplaces and space heaters.
but we want to make sure you remember to stay safe when using these alternative forms of heat.

We talked to heating and cooling experts who want to remind people that fireplaces and space heaters are only supplemental heat and shouldn't be used to warm a whole house.

He also says this type of heating should never be left unsupervised because some homeowners may choose to use fuel-burning heating systems.

It's good to check that all your smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors are working.

"We recommend folks in a rural setting where they use propane to have a detector int he basement or in the lowest possible area in the home so if there's ever a propane leak it can be detected, for instance in a 3 story home its very possible the people on the upper levels wouldn't smell that propane until it was at a dangerous level."

If you don't want to use alternative sources of heat, our expert says investing in an energy efficient smart thermostat can help keep your house warm and save money.